Our Quality Promise

machine shopWhen it comes to machining and industrial fabrication, quality is everything. You need a company that can recognize the unique specifications of your project and bring them to life with precision and accepting nothing less than excellence.

Since 1940, BerkMatics, Inc. has been family-owned and operated, remaining committed to quality and on time delivery. It’s our belief that quality can’t be inspected into a part; rather, it must be designed into the production of that part. This is the mantra behind our entire precision machining service and everything we do in the great state of Massachusetts.

For us, quality assurance begins the moment an order is received, to ensure correct engineering of the layouts, programs and tooling. From there, each customer is provided with a product that meets or exceeds their specifications in a timely manner, at a competitive price. We utilize best-in-class machining strategies to keep costs low, without ever compromising the integrity of your project.

When you practice emphasis on quality for as long as we have, it becomes part of everything you do. For us, quality isn’t a goal—it’s a benchmark that’s integrated into every aspect of our processes. We don’t strive for quality; we embody it.

  • Our quality improvement program is sustained through the insight and suggestions of our employees and management team on a continuous basis. Our pursuit of excellence never ends.
  • Each employee is responsible for their work and participates in the quality activities of this company. Our machinists take pride in the work they do, and they embrace the accountability that comes with every project.
  • We work together to apply a practical approach to every step of the order fulfillment process. Our quality procedures ensure traceability from order entry, to production, through shipping.
  • Our quality staff is independent of our operations staff and is dedicated solely to Quality Assurance. This adds yet another layer of accountability to our business and ensures we’re passing no defects.

BerkMatics, Inc. Purchasing and Quality Assurance Codes QF 8.4.3

We invite you to experience our commitment to quality firsthand. Contact BerkMatics, Inc. today at 413-664-6152 and consult with us about your project. We work on prototype machined parts, rapid CNC machining, CNC milling and slotting services, custom gears, and much more.

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