Massachusetts CNC Milling Service

For the last 80 years, BerkMatics, Inc. has made a name for itself through precision machining throughout Massachusetts. Our skilled machinists take pride in producing results that meet exact specs, while providing on-time results.

Our Equipment

Our ability to deliver precision, custom machining service in Massachusetts is thanks in large part to the extensive resources of our shop. Over the many decades we’ve worked hard to bring in complimentary equipment and high-tech machinery, enabling our skilled workers to put out the very best products.

Regardless of the scope of your project, we’re standing by with a complete array of turning and CNC milling services. Let us produce results that exceed your expectations.

CNC MillingServices

  • (2) HAAS VF2 VMC; 20 HP 36″ x 14″ Table; Renishaw Probing System; 20 Station Tool Changer; 4″1 Axis Rotary Indexer Collet capacity
  • HAAS Mini Mill VMC 16” x 12” x 10” table, 10-Station Tool Changer
Hand Screw Machines

  • 1-1/16” Capacity Hardinge DSM 59R (w/ Bradmatic Automatic Slide)
  • 1-1/16” Capacity Hardinge DSM 59R (w/ Dunham Twin Slide)
  • 1-1/16″ Capacity Hardinge Bench Model
Turret Lathe

  • 1″ Capacity Warner & Swasey
Other Machines

  • Marvel- Production Band Saw 10” dia.
  • Slotting Service (3)
  • Tapping Service (2)
  • Deburring Service (2)
Milling Machines

  • U.S. Burke Production Mill
  • Barker Twin Mill
  • Bridgeport Vertical w/ DRO (2)
  • Bridgeport w/o DRO (2)
  • OKK w/auto-feed

  • Barber Coleman Hobs 6-10 (2)
Drill Presses

  • 17” Pedestal
  • 15” Pedestal
  • Bench (6)
  • 4 Gang Drill Press
  • 3 Gang Drill Press
  • 2 Gang Drill Press

We Put Our Equipment to Work for You

Few machine shops have the diverse range of machinery BerkMatics, Inc. does. As a result, we’re able to take on more complete jobs, with fast turnaround and, of course, precision results. For more information about our complete scope of equipment or how we can put it to work for your project, contact us today at 413-664-6152. We work on prototype machined parts, rapid CNC machining, custom gears, and other quality work.